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  Intermittent pilot ignition control 24 VAC

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	Intermittent pilot ignition control 24 VAC
 Robertshaw SP-845
Factory No-100-00834-41

Input Voltage 24 VAC to 50/60 Hz
Transformer 24 VAC / 20 VA
Safety lockout timing 90 seconds
Spark rate 4 to 15 sparks per second
Pilot valve, Main valve 1 amp at .5 PF
Combined load 1.5 at .4 PF
Flame sense current .7 mA DC @ 25°C / 24 VAC
Maximum total current load 1.5 amp
Flame failure reignition time 2 seconds maximum
Ambient temperature rating –40 to 175° (–40 to 80°C)
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