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Our company places great importance on providing equal service to all customers and visitors and on improving the service provided to customers and visitors with disabilities.

Therefore, we invest significant resources in making our website accessible in order to make it more available for people with disabilities.

The level of accessibility on the website:

The website complies, as much as possible, with the requirements of the Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities Regulations (Accessibility Adjustments to Service), 2013. The accessibility adjustments were made according to the recommendations of the Israeli standard (IS 5568) for accessibility of internet content at AA level.

Additionally, we implement the recommendations of the international document WCAG2.0.

Adjustments made on our website:

Adaptation for keyboard navigation – allowing navigation by keyboard. Adaptation for screen readers – adapting the site for assistive technologies such as NVDA, JAWS. Enlarging the website’s font to 5 different sizes. Blocking flickers – stopping moving elements and blocking flickers. Adjusting contrast – changing color contrasts based on dark/light background. Adjusting the site for color blindness. Enlarging the cursor and changing its color to black or white. Enlarging the display to about 200%. Highlighting links on the site. Highlighting titles on the site. Presenting alternative text descriptions for images. Accessibility statement. Sending accessibility feedback. Adaptation to common browsers. Adaptation for use on mobile phones. Adaptation for display compatible with various screens and resolutions. Navigation means on the site are simple and clear. The site’s content is written in a clear, organized, and hierarchical manner. All pages on the site have a fixed structure. Most images on the site have an alternative textual explanation. The site allows changing the font size using a key. A hierarchical and organized navigation menu on all pages of the site. A search field for easy navigation on all pages of the site. Skipping to main content with a single press of the TAB key.

An accessibility menu is placed on the site. Clicking on the menu allows opening the accessibility buttons. After selecting a topic in the menu, wait for the page to load. The software operates in popular browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Explorer 10+, Safari, Opera. There may be compatibility issues due to certain browsers not complying with the standard.

Contact for accessibility issues: The company makes efforts to enable browsing on an accessible site for all its pages, There may be details that have not yet been made accessible or for which a suitable technological solution has not yet been found. If you encounter any difficulty regarding accessibility while browsing the site, The company’s team is at your disposal through various channels for inquiries about accessibility, and we would be happy to receive your feedback. We will do everything in our power to make the site accessible in the best way possible and to respond to inquiries in the most professional and prompt manner.

Phone: 077-4001713 Email: COMPANY@TAL-OR.COM

Accessibility arrangements for buildings:

Below are the existing accessibility arrangements in our office, which is located at the Masmiya junction. Wheelchair access option, accessible parking around the store, Accessible counter, service animals that are intended to assist a person with a disability are allowed in our office.

Date of statement update: 20/06/2021

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